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Mehrdokht Hadi
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Growing up with Tirgan since 11 years ago and taking the journey with it to become the largest Iranian festival from a local community Nowruz celebration, brought us to the point that Tirgan is the organization. Tirgan is now on its way to become an institution that can bring Iranians under one roof to celebrate their shared values, define their common interests and collaborate to improve the lives of their community members.

Tirgan has become the institution. Tirgan has become the institution that engages our younger generation in the first part of being an Iranian-Canadian. Some of these young people grew up here and never had firsthand experience with the cultural heritage we are all proud of. Others, who have come to live in Canada in recent years, need to stay connected to their roots to be an active, happy and prosperous Canadian. They all visit Tirgan or work with Tirgan because of the opportunities it presents them with, the opportunity of to learn and to lead, to make or meet great friends and to get to know the best and the brightest our culture has to offer.

Tirgan has become the institution that provides our artists with the opportunity to present their work to a large community of Iranians without agonizing over how their work will be showcased, how they can manage the finances, logistics, operations, marketing, and production of their work. They trust Tirgan because they have attained the certainty that Tirgan makes it happen in the best way possible.

At the donation department, we believe that a new chapter has begun! Tirgan is becoming the place that our community engages in different levels and forms, from volunteers in outreach events and operations to donors and sponsors and the various advisors who contribute their leadership to various departments. All of these people come together to help this organization attain the high standards that it has always targeted. To guarantee that this institution will carry on and grow, our community as a whole has to stay involved closely and continuously.

After so many years of hard work from volunteers, Tirgan has earned the trustworthiness to be supported by our community engagement and involvement through a monthly recurring donation of a minimum of $10.00! Become a Tirgan Friend. It’s that easy.


This article originally appeared in the 2017 edition of Tirgan Magazine.

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Mehrdokht Hadi

Mehrdokht Hadi

Mehrdokht Hadi is Donation and Tirgan Friends Coordinator for Tirgan Festival 2017. She is a true believer in community engagement and its power to create a robust and long-lasting support for those who actively are creating as well as to strengthen the community itself. Mehrdokht has been a Tirgan volunteer since September 2007 and has mostly worked in Marketing department. She is very excited to take on a leadership role in this new initiation of Tirgan Friends and to look forward to seeing a Tirgan fully supported by our community.