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Maryam Eskandari
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Let’s talk about insight, dedication, patience, and benevolence. This is what one needs to become a member of programming team and what a pleasure it is to direct a team with these characteristics. A group of energetic, highly enthusiastic individuals that have volunteered their time – for almost a year- to bring you, our beloved audience, the two unique events in the Spring and Summer of 2017.

We start much sooner than other groups within Tirgan organization and continue in parallel with them till the last days of the festival.

In a nutshell, Tirgan programming consists of a Core planning team that is in direct contact with artists and scholars performing at the festival; looking through the many applications and artistic proposals, consulting the advisors, and brainstorming about the ticketed events, this is such a meticulous and delicate process.

From the feasibility studies and early communications that sometimes start about a year ahead of the event, to follow up discussions and gathering detailed information for each program, to provide supporting materials for other departments in Public Relation, Marketing, Media, Operation, and the organizing Partners (e.g. Harbourfront Centre), till the end when we make sure visa requirements is fulfilled, flight and hotels are arranged, tickets are on sale, website is up-to-date, schedule is finalized, and posters and pamphlets are ready to print, the programming process is a multifaceted and detail-oriented process.

It further expands to Kids Activities for specialized programming for our kid attendees, Production for technical preparations and artists/crew interacting facilitation, EMCEEs, for Tirgan’s masters of ceremonies hosting the events, and the artistic Advisors and Tirgan Short Story and Photography Contests.

Each edition of Tirgan starts with high anticipation, internally and externally. The mandate is clear; celebrating Iranian art and culture in one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the world, aiming for a cross cultural dialogue. The challenge though is to meet the expectations and go above and beyond; but we are a group of risk takers. Taking into account our limited budget, facilities, and resources for a festival of this calibre, this is where the magic happens; within the programming team, where we plan for more than 100 programs in a 4-day event when there is no guarantee of the required budget yet. All we have is our dedication, hard work, and hope. Hope that the budget forecast is going to become a reality at the end.

It is not far from reality if one says; Tirgan Programming is a piece of art by itself; the soul and essential element of the Festival, conveyed through its members who invite you to join them in a mesmerizing journey:
a journey through Iran, From The Caspian Sea to The Persian Gulf…
a journey beyond to bordering regions, to Nostalgia, where ethnicity had never been a defining separating criterion….
a journey within your soul, the inspirer, deeply felt through Inner Journey….
a journey to the lands of Arash, and Rostam….

Let’s leave our Suitcases, pass through the Boundaryless Passage, and sing along the Sounds of Persia together.
Come and let us Tell you where we have been; we have more in common than sets us apart.


This article originally appeared in the 2017 edition of Tirgan Magazine.


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Maryam Eskandari

Maryam Eskandari

Maryam Eskandari is the Programming Director of Tirgan 2017. She has been volunteering for Tirgan since 2006 and has taken different roles within the organization from Marketing to Programming since then. By profession, she is a registered Engineer in Ontario and a Project Management Professional. She has a Masters of Applied Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Toronto and a Graduate degree in Nuclear Physics from McMaster University.