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Maryam Afshar
Written by Maryam Afshar

As part of the public relations (PR) team, we communicate all things Tirgan, at the right time, with the right message, in the right voice. We connect to media and the public via editorials, social media or direct messages, and orchestrate the festival’s image.

Our task is to influence and shape Tirgan’s image, reputation, brand perception, and culture. The PR department is made up of different branches; Outreach, Affiliates, Honorary Guests & Dignitaries, Social Media and Media Relations. For PR to work effectively, each of these departments must complement the other, and work together to communicate a unified, powerful message.

Outreach is the table you see at most community events – it’s the team that is the recruitment arm of the festival. We promote the festival and are always on the lookout to recruit new volunteers.

The Affiliates arm connects with the past and present Tirgan supporters, and confirms their continued affiliation with the festival. The other part of their mandate is to seek out and nurture new affiliation opportunities for Tirgan.

The Honorary Guests and Dignitaries team will be responsible for the invited guests and dignitaries that will be appearing at Tirgan. From travel to managing their schedules, they will take care of all of their needs during the festival.

The Social Media team is one team that works on a very demanding schedule – their job begins months before the festival, promoting the 5-day event and ensuring Tirgan is on everyone’s lips. It continues during the festival, giving live social media updates, streams and videos during the festival, and ends weeks after the festival, writing reviews and blogs.

Media Relations engages the media by letting them know about the festival, the performers, the events, and the venues – their primary responsibility is to create media interest in the festival, to excite them enough to cover one or more of the events or artists, and to ensure Tirgan is presented in the best possible light in their reviews.

Donya Azizi

Donya Azizi is leading the PR Team this year. She has a BA in General Management and a Diploma in Corporate Communications and Public Relations. This is Donya’s 2nd year with Tirgan. Her hope is that this year, through that same tireless commitment of her team, Tirgan 2017 will surpass the 150,000 attendees mark set at the previous festival, and attract the attention of the non-Iranian mainstream medias.

This article originally appeared in the 2017 edition of Tirgan Magazine.

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About the author

Maryam Afshar

Maryam Afshar

Maryam Afshar has been with Tirgan since the very first “under the azure dome” event. Back then she was an art instructor, who through the years graduated to a Tirgan photographer. This year she has taken on the task of blogging, writing copy and connecting with various media affiliates. Maryam is an illustrator by passion, an editor by trade and a linguist through circumstance. You will probably see her running around livestreaming and interviewing attendees during the 5-day festival.

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