THE PERSIAN TRAP: ASADI Slays it Live at Tirgan 2017

ASADI Persian Trap Tirgan Festival
Saeed Valadbaygi
Written by Saeed Valadbaygi

ASADI, the young artist, brings to Tirgan 2017 an authentic style of trap that combines the alluring Persian sound with an ancillary electronic beat, creating a sound that satisfies all avid millennials.

ASADI or Daniel Asadi, a 21-year-old producer from Columbus, Ohio, is dedicated to introducing a style of music he developed called Persian Trap Music. Offering a cinematically majestic sound with dauntless 808s and elaborate trap rhythms, ASADI shows his unsuspecting listeners that he can play it all live from scratch on his beat pad, the Maschine.

The young producer pushes for his generation of electronic musicians to bring liveliness to their sets and to turn their controllers into instruments. Daniel Asadi first started making Persian Trap Music when he was 16, sampling old cassettes his parents used to listen to. He began to play the Persian Tar and Setar, two ancient and well-known instruments from the Middle East. Today, he considers them as his primary instruments and incorporates them into his Persian Trap Music (PTM) as much as he can.

At the same time, Daniel was learning how to perform his music live from scratch off the Maschine, as opposed to simply ‘pressing play’ on a traditional DJ setup. The Maschine is a 16 channel beat/sample pad created by Native Instruments, and the company has noticed ASADI’s talent, supporting and re-posting his work numerous times.

ASADI has opened for a few well known EDM artists including 7 Lions and Black Tiger, Sex Machine, and is locked in for performing many major festivals and shows throughout the US, including Electric Forest 2017 and Euphoria Music Festival 2017.

His track ‘Throne’ was released November 30th, 2016 and has reached #3 on Spotify’s viral 50 charts in the United States, topping artists including Steve Aoki and The Roots.

This article originally appeared in the 2017 edition of Tirgan Magazine.


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